I use the power of research, design and technology to craft experiences for people to enjoy


I'm currently finishing my final year as a senior design student at The School of Interactive Arts + Technology @ SFU with a minor in Print and Digital publishing expecting to graduate at the end of 2018. I'm passionate about the intersection of research and design and have worked with teams across multiple dimensions of a product lifecycle including monetization strategies & growth initiatives, SEO, conversion, social sharing and much more.

I enjoy engaging with the design community and recently gave a talk on communicating user research insights at UX Research TO. I also interviewed with SFU on my past experiences as a previous intern to full-timer.

In my free time, I enjoy contemporary art, social & cultural studies, frequent museums as much as I can, travel and discover new places to wine and dine. 

See where I am, and what I'm up to:

Some more things about me—


I love travelling to new places. I most recently trekked across Iceland chasing mountains and waterfalls â›°


I enjoy working with my hands, learning new skills such as pottery, weaving, looming, and sewing ðŸ™Œ


I'm also a plant fanatic. People have called my living space a tropical jungle and I don't seem to mind at all 🌱

My New Years Resolution is to document all the dogs I have pet in 2018. Here are a couple ðŸ©

✌️ -aj

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