Companion Magazine

A print publication focused on total immersive travelling and authentic ways of living.


A new way to experience interactive storytelling


A new way to experience interactive storytelling

Visual Design & Print Layout ・Academic Project

Final Business Plan


Companion magazine is a print and digital publication project centered around authentic travel. Our purpose is to redefine what it means to go abroad and explore places through the lens of understanding, comprehending, and experiencing authentically. We strive to build a solid relationship with our readers, providing them with content such as profiles, exposes, and imagery that aligns with the concept of living as a local. 

Our niche is immersive travel, servicing a market for living like a local and exploring new places. By bringing a spotlight to areas within the travel niche that are normally left in the dark, such as profiling locals and highlighting everyday experiences, our magazine creates its own individual place within the market sphere of traditional travel publications. My role included visual design and layout of the cover and spreads as well as digital strategy. 


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