A new way to experience
interactive stories


How might we craft the future of interactive storytelling?


A new way to experience interactive stories


A new way to experience interactive storytelling


A new way to experience interactive storytelling

iOS, Android & Web・2017

Lead Product Designer
UX Research
Product Strategy


I had to opportunity leading design in launching a new product that combines gripping suspense and unique storytelling to create immersive, interactive stories for people to create and experience. Tap revolutionizes a new way to consume stories through short text message stories told line by line as you tap. 

I helped to define the product roadmap through extensive user research insights to uncover user behaviour habits and motivations in how people consume entertainment. Testing and prototyping with users to further iterate and learn, and then translating these insights into usable, meaningful and delightful experiences. 

From concept to launch in under 4 weeks, our rapid iteration allowed the team to work in an agile environment while continuing to gather insights and iterate with the product out in the wild.  

Launched in early 2017, we've already seen amazing traction, being featured in TechCrunch, Globe and Mail, and being awarded 2 Mobile UX Awards for Best Entertainment and Content app.



Through our research, we found the was an opportunity to better understand how people consume entertainment. Our community at Wattpad already shared a love for reading long-form fiction, so how might we enable people who enjoy reading stories in a more captivating, interactive and gripping way?


The product team and I used an iterative dual-track agile process that allowed us to conduct research to validate user problems while continually feeding insights and solutions into a delivery and learning backlog to release on a weekly cadence. 


Interaction of tapping to reveal the next message in the story. branded campaign for 'IT'



Working closely with our UX Researcher, we conducted months of extensive generative research studies and methodologies to uncover how people engage and use entertainment, in both qualitative and quantitative spectrums. The goal was to better understand their consumption habits and behaviour associated with the idea of unwinding, relaxing, and enjoy entertainment across video, voice, traditional, online reading and much more.

Longitudinal Studies

Longitudinal diary studies enabled us to uncover behaviour and motivation on a repeated basis to help uncover clear insights that better fit the context we were designing for. People typically relax and unwind and turn on Netflix, read a book, play a game, etc. at the end of a workday, after school or when they were bored.


We conducted user interviews across different groups by identifying the jobs users need to accomplish, we are able to uncover motivation and behaviour in the context of time and space. Different motivations and jobs are hired for different contexts when people enjoy entertainment. Our research uncovered 3 main jobs when people consume entertainment:

1. Tiny Binger 
2. Tiny Energizer
3. Time-Limited Consumer

Content focus groups

We conducted content specific focus groups to test out content ranging from horror, comedy and romance to measure how people perceived reading these stories on Tap. Our insights informed our focus on production for stories that rated highly with the group.


Iterating as we learn

I Facilitating brainstorm and sketching workshops which allowed team engagement and breadth of ideas being shared. I was able to take lessons learned and insights from our ongoing research and implement solutions throughout the release cycles 


Research helped to inform design decisions such as iterations to the home feed


pricing and conversion experements informed iterations of paywall designs

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Brainstorming session on the future of storytelling

Micro Interactions

Sound Visualizer

to distinguish more interactive stories that integrate video, sound, and more immersive elements, visualizations signal the immersive qualities of the story. Turning on sound triggers an audio visualizer to inform and signal users that there is sound 

Real-Time Taps

Story engagement is shown in real time on the cover of each story. As a person scrolls, they are able to see the tap count to popular stories increase as the number of people tap through the story. this adds a sense of social interaction and metadata to signal popular content on Tap.

Data informed, not driven

Data informed, not driven

Understanding the leading and lagging indicators that our solutions result in are important to be aware of when working through objectives and results, by balancing these variables and working with the data to inform our design decisions. When designing experiences for people, questioning our data and offsetting with qualitative insights ensure we are designing for people and not just the business. Data scratches the surface as to why people use and engage on Tap.


Designing for the future

Designing for the future

The team has created a solid foundation and subscriber base, as we begin looking into better ways for people to find relevant content that best suits their personal interests and niches. By integrating a machine learning algorithm in the feed and design rules around the frequency a Tap user visits we can better present these stories for people to enjoy and be entertained.

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