Magazine Publication
Concept Proposal


Art Direction, Design & Digital Strategy

Academic Project
Spring 2015

"We are for the explorers. We are those who are adventurous, experimental, and free, wanting to experience a multitude of cultures in a fulfilling and immersive way."

Companion is a quarterly magazine that focuses on disseminating in-depth profiles of travel distances. 
redefining what it means to go abroad, and explore places through the lens of understanding, comprehending, and experiencing authentically. My roles included Art Direction, Design and Digital Strategy for the publication.

Companion strives to build a solid relationship with its readers, providing them with content such as profiles, exposés, and imagery that aligns with the concept of living as a local.  Companion presents authentic travel experiences infused with local story.

The Publication will focus on one place per issue, in order to grasp a solid image of a specific city for its readers, to further the understanding of culture, lifestyle, and adventure. Furthermore, Companion aims to create a community for readers who share this passion to travel off the beaten path by featuring submissions and experiences from the audience within the publication.

Companion's niche is immersive travel, servicing a market for living like a local and exploring new places. By bringing a spotlight to areas within the travel niche that are normally left in the dark, such as profiling locals and highlighting everyday experiences, Companion creates its own individual place within the market sphere of traditional travel publications.  

Companion's purpose is to bring together people who are devoted to exploring the wonders of different locales and engaging in offbeat travel experiences.

Companion is an independent, paid circulation magazine to be distributed throughout Metro Vancouver.