Mountain Equipment Co-op

-User Experience & Service Design-

Mountain Equipment Co-op 

Fit Assistant Application 
Members: Amanda Poh, Maheen Sohail, Briana Lee, Kimberly Chan, Rosemarie Gresham
Role: User Interface, UX, Wireframing, Process Book
Deliverables: Presentation, Process Book


The Problem? Frustration of Online Shopping.

Due to a lack of standardization in apparel sizing there is a reluctance to purchase clothing online, because of the inability to try it on and test fit. When people do purchase clothing online return rates are high, with 1/3 of purchases returned in 2014. Most companies have lenient return policies in order to convince customers to purchase online, resulting in significant loss of profits when items are returned on their dime.

The Solution?

We are proposing a service that provides online shoppers with an accurate reflection of how MEC products will fit via photo mapping. this will help shoppers become more confident in their purchases.



We constructed a constraints list to determine the direction we wanted to go in as a team, as well as going back and researching emerging trends to determine to which sector these could best be applied to generate the greatest value for the customer. 
As we went through our client selection process we constantly reframed and redirected our research as we refined the context of our selection.


MEC rebranded to better reflect their membership from coast to coast, wherever they live, work, or play. They wanted to represent both the wider geographical range of their membership base, as well as a wider range of backcountry and urban activities to represent the shifting interests of their clientele. They shifted the focus away from activities towards motivation to emphasize a love for being active outdoors above all else. With the rebrand MEC continues to be relevant in it’s members’ lives as well as inspiring more Canadians to live active outdoor lifestyles.



We looked at touchpoints across the complex journey that MEC and it’s members undergo together to determine where our service could be integrated in order to meet unfulfilled customer needs, and create an overall cohesive and consistent experience both inside the store, and outside.


  • Lack of sizing standardization and a lack of visualization creates a barrier that prevents shoppers from purchasing online
  • Sports apparel designed for specific activities can have a specifically designed fit needed to function optimally
  • Different brands are better for different body types



This led us to create a digital experience that integrates into the existing MEC site and mobile app that provides an accurate suggestion of size based on your specific measurements, and provides visualization of how each size will fit on you. Information about how different fits relate to intended activity is integrated into the visualization, and there is the opportunity to compare the fit of different brands to help members make the most informed decision possible. Scanning products in-store brings up relevant product information and helpful tools to comparison shop, and locate the item. This creates a seamless connection from digital to physical retail space. Sharing measurements with your friends helps ease the friction of shopping for others.


We took advantage of the typical gestures used on a phone to provide instinctual navigation throughout the app. We wanted to ensure that the interactions on our interface reflected the MEC brand, making them responsive, quick and engaging to reflect MEC’s enthusiastic, and vibrant status. We drew inspiration from the quick and fast cuts that are a hallmark of their videography.


  • Sliders are a familiar method to offer selection of a range of values, allowing customers to input and adjust their measurements. As they drag the sliders the human figure will change accordingly, allowing the user to visualize their adjustments, and adding an element of delight.

  • Swiping offers an instinctive gesture to uncover additional information and features consistently throughout the app.


Making our service available across multiple platform affords the convenience of purchasing MEC products anytime, anywhere, and allows for integration with all of MEC’s existing digital platforms. The mobile version provides the opportunity to bridge the outside and in-store experiences, creating a seamless and continuous engagement experience. 


Increase online sales
Strengthen international sales
​Decrease in return rates/costs
Lower environmental impact
Measure and forecast store inventory
Strengthen trust in brand



Amount of people who enter their measurements
Amount of sales made using someone else’s measurements (using share feature) 
Increase in online sales
Percentage of products returnedRelative savings 
Relative reduction of environmental impact